18 strong reasons to study Foreign Languages

  • Learning a foreign language develops more positive vibes and less bias toward people who are Non Native.
  • Analytical skills improve when students study a foreign language.
  • Your foreign Language Skills and your Business skills will both improve your Business prospects.
  • Knowing about another culture/ Country enables us to gain a stronger Knowledge of our own culture.
  • Creativity gets increased while learning Foreign Languages.
  • Abroad travel becomes easier and more comfortable by getting know a foreign Language.
  • Problem solving skills get increased when you learn Foreign language.
  • Learning Language will enhance your opportunities in government, business, Travel, teaching fields.
  • Two out of five new jobs in India are as a result of foreign trade.
  • Foreign languages provide an edge in your career;
  • Learning Foreign Language will improve your listening skills and memory.
  • One develops more maturity and deal more responsibly in a multi-cultural world.
  • Your marketing skills are improved if you know another language.
  • When we study Foreign Language, it also improves your mother tongue knowledge.
  • Learning a new language teaches us to respect other people and other cultures.
  • Foreign Languages expand our horizons and views, one become more Tolerable and flexible after learning different languages
  • It prepares the citizen of one country towards the changes occurring in society tu to immigration.
  • Bilingual person has more job prospects as compared to others in Global Market.
  • Learning foreign Languages open your door to Music, arts, cuisine, literature etc.

Being one of the most widely used languages in the world, a good knowledge of French will open up avenues of opportunities to you both in India and abroad. If you are planning to move to Canada, the ability to use this language will give an added advantage to you. It will help you to adapt to the Canadian environment successfully.

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